Working as a Professional Organizer is an adventure. Each new project brings its own unique challenges. I keep a toolbag packed with my favorite supplies, ready at a moment’s notice for any crisis of clutter.

My Professional Organizer’s Tools by Category

  • Bags & Storage
  • Markers & Labels
  • PPE
  • Tools
  • Other handy things

Bags & Storage

Of course, the most important tools are the bags that carry all your supplies! I love having everything I need to tackle an organizing project pre-packed and ready to go!

I use the clear lawn and leaf bags to contain donations so they don’t get mixed up with the trash. My clients usually have a supply of trash bags, paper bags, and cardboard boxes on hand, so they are not part of my typically supply kit.

Watch the video (YouTube channel for Professional Organizers)

Markers & Labels

Every Professional Organizer should own a label maker! I think it was one of the first things I bought when I started my business. Often I ask my clients to buy their own labeler and tape so they can keep up with the system when I’m gone. Low adhesive painter’s tape and full adhesive sticky notes make for quick labels during the decluttering process. And of course, I never leave home without a few Sharpies!


Your clients may have tools at their house you could use, but until the house is organized, it’s unlikely they know where they are! These are a few small tools I like to carry with me so I don’t have to stop the decluttering and organize process to locate these handy items.

I keep the small scissors and box cutters in my fanny pack because I use them so often!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Even before 2020 when masks became an item no one leaves home without, I always carried masks and gloves on organizing jobs. If you have allergies like me, wearing a mask is a real lifesaver.

I love, love, love Atlas Nitrile Tough Gloves because they are washable and come in large, medium, and small sizes. I wear the small size and they “fit like a glove” when other gloves are so bulky I can hardly grab on to anything! No more paper cuts!

Other Handy Things…

Carrying my own drinks and snacks helps me keep up my energy during work sessions. I use my tablet to share organizing ideas with the client and create/update their action plan.

Need help starting your home organizing business?

There are many things to consider when starting an organizing business like:

  • What will I name my business?
  • Where will I find clients?
  • How do I become an organizer?
  • Do I need to be certified?
  • How will I structure my business?

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Happy Organizing!