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Hello! I’m Katherine,

Born and raised in Virginia Tomboy, World Traveler, Dog Lover Creative Entrepreneur & Mindful Homemaker 

I was not always tidy. As a kid, my sister and I shared a bedroom. 

One day she ran a line of tape down the center of the room and told me to keep my mess on my side.

When I was a little older I started to get it.

 If I loved something and wanted to enjoy it, like my treasured sticker collection, it was better to keep it organized.

I got my first bank account when I was 10 and started investing more seriously when I was 16. 

I think I was the only teenager with a file system. It was a milk crate with hanging file folders. 

It was 1989, and sadly online banking had not been invented yet.

The bottom line was…if I really cherished something, it needed to be organized. less important things were Unnecessary.

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When I bought my first house, organization became truly critical. 

I did not want my house just filled with piles of junk, closets of useless things, and baskets filled with paper.

I wanted a respite from a chaotic world, a place where I could create, study, run a business, meditate, and entertain. 

I honed my organizing and decluttering skills and created a business to help others.  

In 2007, I was in the first group of Professional Organizers to earn the designation of Certified Professional Organizer. In 2019, I studied with Marie Kondo and her team to become a Certified KonMari Consultant and bring KonMari Method™ services to the RVA. 

You can trust that I am a professional organizer who is experienced and on your side. I’ll never shame you for the things you have. I’ll treat your private information with the utmost confidentiality. 

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You can experience the same zen, efficiency, creativity, and joy that I have from only living with things I love and find useful.

I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by clutter. 

Household clutter should not prevent you from being productive, enjoying time with friends and family, or living your best life.

Let me show you how organization can improve your quality of life. I don’t believe in shaming or forcing you to live like a minimalist. 

I just want you to keep the things in your life that give you joy and help you eliminate the rest, quickly 

and with less stress. 

Go ahead and book your organizing session today! 

Find out how light you will feel without the mess. Organizing can be fun and life-changing. 

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Space Matters services Richmond Virginia and surrounding counties.

Online classes and virtual coaching available from anywhere.