5 Clever Small Closet Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

This post is about small closet hacks to help you efficiently organize your clothes even in small spaces.
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Are you constantly battling a cramped closet and struggling to find space for all your clothes?
You’re not alone. I’ve been there, navigating the challenges of a small closet and seeking solutions that actually work. That’s why I decided to put together these small closet hacks, designed to help you organize clothes in a small closet more efficiently and increase your storage capabilities.

From ingenious ways to arrange your clothes and accessories to smart storage solutions that you can implement right away, these ideas are practical and budget-friendly.

This post is all about small closet hacks to help you organize clothes in a small closet and increase closet space.

Increase Closet Space with a Fresh Start

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First and foremost: empty out your closet. This might seem daunting, but it’s essential for effectively redesigning the space. Remove all items and clean the interior—this will give you a better idea of the actual space you have to work with.

Using the Marie Kondo closet decluttering method known as the “KonMari Method” or my personal sorting technique, declutter your clothes by considering what adds value to your daily wardrobe. Keep your closet dedicated to regularly used items only, which will increase closet space and reduce clutter.

Just the act of emptying my client’s closets and re-hanging and re-folding clothing can add 20% to 50% of storage space to the closet since there is so much opportunity to declutter or move things to other areas of their homes. Here is a guide to cleaning out your closet and letting go if you need extra motivation.

Small Closet Hacks: Fold to Maximize Small Closet

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Many underestimate the power of folding in increasing usable space. The vertical folding method makes it easier to access your clothes in drawers. Invest in a tall, narrow dresser that fits inside your closet to utilize vertical space effectively. Use drawer dividers to keep your folded items neat, maximizing every inch of your drawer space.

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If your closet has shelves, consider adding open bins that can be used as drawers for folded clothing like these wire baskets from Amazon. This simple addition can make it much easier to manage smaller clothing items such as socks and underwear, making them quickly accessible.

Sort by Type and Length to Maximize Closet Storage

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Hanging clothes by type and size not only streamlines your organization but also enhances the functionality of even the smallest closet. This method of sorting helps identify and eliminate excess while also uncovering underutilized areas of your closet. Use these areas for additional storage solutions like low-profile drawers, extra shoe storage, or a secondary hanging rod for shorter items.

Incorporating slim, vertical storage units or hanging organizers can further expand your vertical space, ideal for storing shoes, bags, and other accessories. This tactic makes it possible to keep these items accessible and orderly.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas on a Budget: Increase Hanging Space

Double your hanging space with a no-tools-needed double hang rod that hooks onto your existing rod. Choose slim, non-slip hangers to maximize the number of items you can store. This is a perfect example of a small closet hack that increases storage without breaking the bank or altering your closet’s structure.

Additionally, consider using the back of your closet door for added storage. Over-the-door organizers can be a great place to store shoes, accessories, and even small handbags, which helps free up shelf and rod space for other items.

Maximize Shelf Space with Smart Storage Solutions

Using clear, stackable bins with lids is a great way to maximize shelf space and keep less frequently used items dust-free and organized. Label each bin to save time on searching and keep everything in view.
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Consider adding additional shelves or an expandable shelf organizer if your closet design allows, adapting the storage to your needs with an adjustable shelving system. I spent less than $200 creating a Rubbermaid custom shelving system from Amazon that was easy to install and provided a lot of extra storage.

This post was about small closet hacks

I hope these strategies inspire you to effectively transform and optimize your wardrobe setup.

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