How to Create a Name for your Organizing Business

This post will guide you in generating inventive name ideas, empowering you to launch your professional organizing business with a distinct brand identity.
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Embarking on the journey of starting your own professional organizing business is thrilling, but it also comes with its set of challenges. One of the first and most crucial steps is choosing the right name.

Choosing the right name for your home organizing business isn’t just about branding; it’s about connecting with your target audience.

There are 4 popular ways to create your organizing business name:

  1. by name or location
  2. play on words
  3. create a persona
  4. make up a new word

Then you’ll want to test your new business name and ask –

  1. Is it short and concise?
  2. Is someone else using the name?
  3. Can you get the domain name and social media handles?

This post is all about generating professional organizer name ideas.

Naming Idea #1 : Use your name or location

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Using your name is personal, and that may be the vibe you are going for. For example, “Tidy with Kat” or “Organize with Amy”. My market is in Richmond, Virginia, which has the nickname “RVA”, so an example of a location-based name would be DeclutterRVA.

The pros of using your first or last name or a location-based business name are that it may be easier to secure a domain name, and your customers can easily associate you with your business; it’s very personal.

The cons of this method are that naming your business this way can be limiting if you expand your business and hire other organizers and staff or move to another location.

If my business was “Tidy with Kat” and I sent another organizer to the client, it might be a little odd when they write the check to Kat. If you want a local, personal feel, add your name or location. If you want a more professional business feel, separate from your persona, don’t choose this option.

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Naming Idea #2 : Play on Words

My business is Space Matters, and my social media handle is myspacematters. I often use the tagline “make space for the things that matter”, a callback to my business name.

I started with the word “Space” and then thought about how I could use that to describe my business. You can brainstorm a play on words business name by making a list of words that fit with your business objective like:

  • Joy
  • Neat
  • Space
  • Size
  • Nest
  • Less
  • More
  • Declutter
  • Tidy
  • Home
  • Cozy
  • Productive
  • Organize
  • Minimalism

Then play around with different phrases until you come up with a few you like.

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Naming Idea #3 : Make up a Persona

decluttering business name

A persona is a descriptor of your personality or a personal trait and what you do. Where I live, there is a red-headed social media trainer called “The Social Ginger”. I saw another branding person called “The Moolah Marketer”. In the organizing world, these are businesses like “Clutter Queen” and “Declutter Diva”.

Play around with this concept by making a list of job descriptors and personal traits and see how they fit together. Like using your name or location, this tactic is more personal and not the best option if you plan to hire other organizers or expand to another location.


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Naming Idea #4 : Make up a Totally New Phrase or Random Word

Large corporations make up new words and phrases to ensure their brand is memorable and to avoid trademark issues. Like Google or Starbucks. Many years ago, I took a sales training course from a company called Dancing Elephants.

Marie Kondo took the first 3 letters of her last name and the first 4 letters of her first name to create “KonMari”, a name that she was able to trademark, create KonMari Media Inc., and secure the domain

So, do not feel like you need to limit yourself to names or phrases. The pro to creating a new word or phrase is that you can brand yourself with something original, and it is easy to secure social media handles and a domain name. The con is you’ll need to prominently display your tagline or mission statement to explain what it is you do as your market is getting to know you.

Naming Idea #5 : Test out Your Name 

Brainstorm names using these 4 options and come up with a few names you like. Then research and test out each name to see if it passes these tests:

Test #1: Is it Short and Concise?

You will be using this name a lot! On business forms, your email address, your bank account, and asking clients to make payments out to this name. If you have a 3- or 4-word phrase, it’s going to get a little tedious.

Test #2: Check Who Else is Using the Name

You can Google the name, check the NAPO website, and to ensure no one has registered the name. Go to to search the database for existing trademarks or consult an IP attorney. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating social media pages, a website, and printed marketing materials, only to find out you need to change your name.

Test #3: Check That You Can Get the Domain and Social Handles

To find out if the domain name is available, go to and type the domain name directly into the search bar.

Then check Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on to see what other blogs or businesses come up under the handle you wish to use. Securing an online presence helps tremendously when building a consistent brand.

This post was all about generating professional organizer name ideas.

I hope you are now empowered to make a pivotal decision for your organizing business with confidence and creativity!

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