We are all doing a little more nesting these days. This week I’ve rearranged my home office supply closet and scanned a huge pile of financial records.

If you are in the mood to organize this week too, check out my video on 3 of my favorite super inexpensive products for organizing your pantry shelves, no renovation or tools required. 

If your pantry has shelving that is 16, 20, even 24 inches deep, your food items and kitchen accessories are just going to get lost.

Now there are some lovely products and renovations you can do for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can keep your existing pantry and create a ton of space and have full accessibility to all your items with products that cost less than 20 or 10 dollars. NO MORE LOSING FOOD IN THE BACK OF YOUR PANTRY only to find it years later after it is no longer any good. So here are the 3 products I use all the time to organize those deep shelves in kitchen pantries.

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#1 Ikea’s VARIERA Pantry Bins

These white Ikea bins come in multiple sizes and the large bin is a little over 13 inches long and will hold a lot of stuff. In my own pantry, I use one for pasta, one for flour, and one for snacks. It has a smooth front unlike a basket so I can easily label it. And I can pull it forward using the handle to reach things in the back… love it!

Labeled VARIERA Bin from my Pantry

#2 The Turn-table or Lazy Susan

A classic organizing device because it allows access to things that would otherwise be out of reach. I use mine to easily access dry goods that I’ve decanted like beans and rice or to access all my superfoods for my workday smoothie. You can get these at the Container Store, but be mindful of the size you need. Many of these are 10 inches wide, so also check Amazon for 16– or 18-inch depths, just be sure to measure before you buy.

10-inch turn-table

#3 Undershelf Baskets

I find that in pantries with fixed deep shelving you also lose a lot of vertical space because the shelves are spaced too far apart. The fix for that is the Under-Shelf basket. Use it to contain bags of chips, crackers, or potatoes. And it fits well with the Ikea bins to keep everything you need at your fingertips. 

Under-shelf Basket for Chips and Crackers

Where do you need more space in your home? Is there anything you just can’t figure out how to organize? Let me know in the comments of this video. And please subscribe to my channel for more tips on downsizing, minimizing, and the business of organizing.