5 Genius Small Kitchen Drawer Solutions for a Tidy Home

This post reveals the secrets to mastering small kitchen drawer organization through practical tips and innovative products.

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Struggling with small kitchen drawers and wondering what to put in them? You’re in the right place! This post will guide you through optimizing every inch of your small kitchen drawers, making your kitchen more functional and your life a tad easier.

This post is all about how to organize small kitchen drawers.

Best Strategies to Maximize Small Kitchen Drawer Space

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Before diving into the organizing part, let’s talk prep work. It might seem tedious—measuring, cleaning, lining, and hunting for the perfect organizers—but it’s a game-changer. I dedicated a couple of hours to measuring the width, depth, and height of my drawers, cleaning them out with a Swiffer Duster and lining them with a quality drawer liner.

To prevent liner and organizing products from slipping and sliding, use these removable glue dots for an easy fix. It’s an upfront effort that pays dividends, ensuring your organization solution lasts as long as you’re in your home.

Versatile Drawer Organizers

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I swear by the Space Aid customizable drawer organizer for its adaptability, especially in snug spaces. Its variety of configurations means you’re likely to achieve a glove-like fit, making it perfect for small kitchen drawers.

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With much research, I was able to find a utensil drawer organizer that fit my island drawers, which are only 12 inches deep and 16 inches wide.

I discovered the OXO utensil drawer organizer, perfectly sized for my 12-inch deep island drawers, ingeniously designed to alternate utensil placement for maximum efficiency.

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The drawers where I keep my cooking and prep tools are less than 7 inches wide. I found these individual Rubbermaid drawer organizers that fit together and they were only 3 inches wide each. I can still retrieve items when I push the drawer organizers all the way to the back of the drawer, which creates more space in the front of the drawer.

Maximize Space in Small Kitchen Drawers with Drawer Dividers

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Sometimes the drawers are so narrow you can struggle to find organizers that fit. A product that works well to keep kitchen tools organized and separated are these bamboo drawer dividers. They allowed me to store kitchen gadgets vertically to maximize the space in the drawer. Sorting wooden spoons and spatulas on their sides allows you to fill all the empty space in the drawer.

The Magic of Split-Level Drawer Organizers

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The allure of compact, split-level organizers is undeniable, though finding one to fit narrow drawers can be challenging. To be honest, I had wanted to try out all the different styles, including the bamboo split-level drawer organizer, but they were just too wide. I finally found the Joseph Joseph Store compact split-level drawer organizers were a perfect match for my kitchen, accommodating all my knives with room to spare for a knife sharpener.

One complaint I kept seeing in online reviews is that it’s hard to distinguish items since they are stacked on top of each other. I remedied this by labeling the handles using my Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker. I’m not sure yet how they will hold up over multiple washings, but this will give me time to memorize what is where since only the handles of the kitchen tools and knives are visible.

Rethink Drawer Usage: Spice Storage

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If kitchen tools aren’t fitting well, consider using drawers for spices. I like to organize my spices on lazy Susans in my kitchen cabinet, but just for fun, I experimented with storing spice jars in my narrow drawers and was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics and functionality.

The key is using uniform spice jars with labels, and I did have to use a bamboo tension rod to ensure a snug fit. In other homes, I’ve used a spice drawer mat to hold spice jars in place.

Alternatives to Storing Kitchen Items in Drawers

If you have completely given up on stashing kitchen tools into small kitchen drawers, there are two alternatives. First is storing cooking, prep, and serving tools in a decorative canister on the counter. I’m always impressed with how many kitchen tools fit in these magic containers. Since items are stored vertically, they really maximize the space.

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The second option is storing kitchen gadgets like measuring spoons and cooking tools on command hooks inside your cabinets.

I could not find this exact Rachel Ray Kitchen spoon set on Amazon anymore, but you can hang any kitchen utensil inside your cabinet as long as it has a hook hole on the end of it. I used damage-free command hooks with the toggle hook feature, which works best, but it really depends on the type of hole in the kitchen gadget.

I hung these metal measuring spoons inside my upper kitchen cabinet and I love the easy organization and access. I will say the first few times I opened the cabinet there was a large “clang” sound that freaked me out. Adding cabinet door bumpers muffled the sound quite a bit and eventually I got used to the metal spoons hanging inside the cabinet.

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This post was all about organizing small kitchen drawers.

Organizing small kitchen drawers might seem daunting, but with the right approach and tools, it’s entirely achievable.

Remember, the key to successful organization lies in creativity and making the most of what you have. Here’s to a more organized kitchen that makes cooking and living easier!