5 Transformative Vintage Home Library Tips for Book Enthusiasts

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This post is about the art of creating a captivating vintage home library with expert tips and insights. 

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Join me as we dive into the world of vintage home libraries and transform your vision into a reality. Here I’ll show you the exact methods I used when setting up a vintage library in my 200-year guest house so you can do the same at your home. 

We will explore library bookshelf ideas, discover classic books for your home library, and learn the art of decluttering old books. 

Whether you’re staging your first vintage home library or just a bookshelf in your existing space, this post is your essential guide. 

This post is all about setting up a vintage home library. 

1. Create a Vision for your Home Library Bookshelves


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The very first step in any successful decluttering project is to have a clear and compelling vision. For my recent vintage home library project, my vision was to craft a space that exuded explorer and anthropologist vibes, all while embracing the charm of a bygone era. 

This vision served as my guiding star, influencing every decision I made during the transformation process. It ensured that each item placed in my home library contributed to the desired ambiance, resulting in a harmonious and inviting environment.

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2. A Proven Book Decluttering Method

What if you don’t even have the space to set up your home library? Even though this room had recessed shelving already, it was hardly a cozy reading room and welcoming home library. 

So let’s talk about a proven decluttering method I’ve used in many rooms I’ve revamped working as a Professional Organizer. 

I highly recommend the “big to small” approach. This technique involves starting with the removal of larger items in the room, thereby creating the space and freedom needed to tackle the smaller items more effectively. 

In the case of my vintage home library project, this meant bidding farewell to a clunky printer and a dilapidated desk as my first order of business. By ridding the space of these bulkier items, I immediately gained the room I needed to work efficiently. 

my home library

Meanwhile, smaller items like papers and photos were thoughtfully boxed up for sorting at a later stage, preventing them from overwhelming the initial phase of the project. Remember – when decluttering first focus on your vision for the final space, in this case our cozy vintage home library. If the items do not meet that criteria, donate or discard them today. If you need more time, pack them up and move them to another space.


my home library

I now had the space to sort the large book collection I had inherited from 2 generations of readers.  If you have not been fortunate (or unfortunate) to inherited a hoarded book collection, vintage books are easy to find at thrift stores. You can even pick up vintage looking books on Amazon.  

I did buy a few “new” vintage books and will continue to add to my collection.

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3. Assessing and Refurbishing Your Vintage Book Collection

The focal point of any vintage home library, of course, is the collection of books it houses. Here’s how I approached the task of transforming this crucial element:

I began by  assessing the condition of each vintage book. Books that were significantly damaged by dust or moisture had to be removed from my home library. 

decluttering books

For those that appeared salvageable but carried musty odors, I employed a straightforward yet effective technique. I placed these books within sealed containers alongside baking soda, allowing them to rest for at least a week. 

old fashioned home library

This process worked wonders in eliminating unpleasant odors.

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In my pursuit of creating an inviting and nostalgic vintage home library, I chose to curate a collection primarily composed of classic books for the home library in hardcover editions. 

This decision added a unique and timeless charm to my home library, reinforcing the historic ambiance I sought to cultivate. Modern paperbacks were respectfully donated, aligning with the vision of a classic and timeless library.

4. Aesthetic Ways to Organize your Bookshelf


After assessing, cleaning, and curating the vintage book collection, it was time to organize the bookshelves. Here’s where creativity comes into play:

I initially contemplated organizing the vintage books into subcategories. For instance, grouping nature books together and history books as a unit. While this approach had its merits, I soon discovered a more visually striking method.

bookshelf ideas

In a moment of inspiration, I thought about how could I organize these books by color in each of the three primary categories—non-fiction (travel & local interest), other non-fiction reference (history, nature, science), and fiction—by color. This unexpected twist breathed new life into my home library’s aesthetic, resulting in a visually stunning and harmonious arrangement of books.

bookshelf ideas

5. My Old Fashioned Home Library Gallery Wall


With the vintage books in their new homes, the time had come to infuse my home library with personality. Here’s how I added the finishing touches.

To add depth and character to my home library, I thoughtfully placed small decorative items and intriguing curiosities on the shelves. These elements not only contributed to the overall ambiance but also created opportunities for fascinating discoveries within the library’s nooks and crannies.

bookshelf tour

I created a gallery wall by putting together a collection of oddities wall decor. Adorned with captivating artwork, framed curiosities, and vintage art projects, this gallery wall served as the perfect backdrop, tying together the entire room in a harmonious blend of history and exploration.

home library bookshelf ideas

This post was about transforming your vintage home library. 

Crafting your old-fashioned home library has never been more accessible with the help of classic books for your collection and library bookshelf ideas that elevate the aesthetic ways to organize your bookshelf. 

By incorporating ingenious home library bookshelf ideas and mastering the art of decluttering books, you can transform your space into a vintage haven. 

For an even closer look at the transformation process and to witness firsthand the magic of repurposing vintage items, I invite you to check out my YouTube channel. 

There, you’ll find detailed videos showcasing this and other decluttering projects, along with a captivating bookshelf tour that reveals the secrets of my vintage home library.