5 Steps to Become a Professional Organizer | Checklist for New Organizers

Do you enjoy organizing your own home and think about doing it for a living? In this video, I’m sharing with you five steps to take when starting out as a new Professional Organizer.

# 1 Get Training

One of the main differences between someone who is good at organizing their own home and organizing other’s homes is training and credentialing.

In addition to reading organizing books, getting a coach or mentor in the Professional Organizing field, There are two national associations you should check out for in-depth training and certification –

# 2 Start a Partnership or Business

  • Contact other Professional Organizers and see if they are hiring or need part-time help (you may find that many organizers in your area are solopreneurs)
  • Start your own service business like a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Corporation
  • Consult an insurance agent, attorney, accountant for advice on setting up a business

# 3 Define your niche

Professional Organizers work with a wide range of clientele (seniors, moms, business owners) performing a wide range of services (closet organizing, unpacking, productivity and time management coaching, paper management). So consider the following –

  • What are you good at?
  • What skills from previous jobs can you bring to your new career?
  • What do people say you are good at or ask for your help doing?

Knowing your niche helps you market to the right people.

# 4 Market

No matter how good you are at organizing kitchens, playrooms and craft rooms, you will need to market your services so people will hire you. Here are the basics –

  • Get a business card (super cheap at www.vistaprint.com)
  • Get a website
  • Set up social media accounts in your business name
  • Network
    • start with your current social circle and any groups you are in like civil associations, mom groups, or other hobbies
    • visit professional networking groups like a chamber of commerce or BNI (www.bni.com)
  • Get Referral Partners
    • form relationships with related businesses that service the same clients (other Professional Organizers, closet companies, interior designers, senior living coordinators, real estate agents, social workers, ect.)

EVERYONE needs to know what you do!


# 5 Follow a System

Organizing for a living is different than organizing for yourself. You will need to help your clients accomplish a task methodically using an efficient process.  You will need to –

  • Estimate or set time constraints for organizing their things
  • Be efficient
  • Create an action plan
  • Lead your client through a process

If that seems overwhelming, don’t fret. You can download my Free Home Organizing Roadmap HERE. This is the 6 step process I take my clients through when working with Space Matters. Use this guide to help your clients through their organizing projects too.

Happy Organizing!