Downsize My Life! Help from Organizational Expert Peter Walsh

Are you moving or transitioning to a new space? Are you helping your parents downsize or wondering how to downsize and declutter yourself? Anytime we pack up a lifetime of possessions we find ourselves wondering, where did all this stuff come from and what should I move or discard.  I have worked thousands of hours on-site with my clients young and old to answer this question. If you find yourself in this situation or know that it is on the horizon, I suggest picking up Peter Walsh’s latest organizing book for inspiration. In this video I show you the key takeaways from Let it Go, Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life.

There are great benefits to downsizing. When letting go of things you also eliminate fear, overwhelm, procrastination, and resentment. You will achieve a lighter more open mindset of joy, relaxation, motivation, and focus. You will unburden yourself from things you kept out of obligation, and inattention and rediscover your true self.

This book also gives you tools for managing the emotional stress that can come with downsizing. Have the mindset that you are not losing your stuff, you are creating a new home and that this is a chance to shed negative attachments to the past. You can keep the story, not the stuff by taking photos, video, and relaying the memories to future generations. By sorting like items first and saving very emotional items for last you will save yourself considerable stress and not be forced to make hasty decisions. Downsizing is a chance to form new relationships with family members, everyone will have a role to play.

When selecting which treasures to keep, take the “Dining Room table test”. All the mementos you are keeping should fit on the top of your dining room table. When reviewing “I-Might-Need-it” items, ask yourself “would I pay for it again”? The cost of moving and storage can often cost more than just eliminating something you will not use. Assess your new space to determine what will actually fit by measuring rooms, closets, and shelving. And finally, return, sell, give, donate, and dispose of extra items.