If you are overwhelmed by a messy space and short on time, breaking the chore of organizing down into manageable tasks is a life saver. A manageable task is one that you can accomplish in less than 30 minutes. For example “organize your bedroom” is a project, not a task. Tasks for this project may be; wash dirty clothes, move paperwork to office, sort books, and toss cosmetics that are more than one year old. If you want to see big progress towards getting your bedroom organized this week, pick one task to accomplish each night.

In this video I’m going to demonstrate Trello, a task management tool that will help you schedule and complete all the steps in your organizing project. If you are following my Home Organizing Roadmap, breaking down your project into bite-size tasks is step number 3 of the 6 steps.

So don’t plan on “organizing your closet this weekend,” plan on accomplishing 3 to 5 small steps this week that will help you work towards your goal. To organize your closet you may have tasks like: sort through summer tops, eliminate clothes that do not fit, and drop off unwanted clothes to the thrift store. A digital task management tool like Trello will help you stay on track even if you can only dedicate 30 minutes towards decluttering and organizing per day.

Watch this video to learn how to create a Trello board, create a checklist within Trello, and map out your organizing calendar. Watch the video here.