9 Top Bathroom Drawer Organizers That Maximize Small Spaces

This post is about the best bathroom drawer organizers to help you maximize space and maintain order in your bathroom.
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If there’s one area of my home that constantly needs attention, it’s my bathroom drawers. Like many of you, I strive to find the best solutions to keep my personal items neatly organized and easily accessible. Over time, I’ve discovered that having the right organizers is key to maintaining a serene and functional space.

Organizing these small, often cluttered spaces can be a daunting task. I’ve spent countless hours testing and tweaking different products to see what works best for storing everything from makeup to medication.

This post is all about finding the best bathroom drawer organizers that will maximize your space.

Best Bathroom Drawer Organizers

In this post, I’m excited to share the top nine bathroom drawer organizers that have transformed cramped spaces into models of efficiency and organization. These essential picks are the ones I recommend for anyone looking to maximize every inch of their bathroom storage effectively.

Best Compact Design

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Product Recommendation: STORi SimpleSort 6-Piece Stackable Clear Drawer Organizer Set

Why It’s Great: This set of six stackable organizers is the ultimate solution for those seeking to maximize their bathroom drawer space. Each tray is designed with a clear, durable plastic that not only withstands daily use but also allows you to easily see its contents, saving you time when you’re searching for items. The various sizes in the set make it adaptable to a range of drawer dimensions and item sizes, from makeup and skincare products to jewelry and hair accessories.

Whether you’re organizing a narrow vanity drawer or need to manage smaller items like lipsticks and liners, the STORi SimpleSort organizers offer flexibility and efficiency. Their stackable design allows you to customize the layout to fit your specific needs, effectively doubling or even tripling your storage space without overcrowding. These bins aren’t just practical; they enhance the look of your drawers by maintaining a neat, visually appealing arrangement.

Most Versatile Vanity Organizer

Product Recommendation: SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers with Inserts and Labels

Why It’s Great:

Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, the SpaceAid drawer dividers are not only stylish but also incredibly functional. This set includes four adjustable dividers and nine inserts, allowing you to create a customized organization system that fits perfectly within your drawer. The natural look of bamboo adds a touch of warmth to your bathroom aesthetics while keeping items neatly separated.

Perfect for those who love a flexible organizing solution, these dividers expand from 17 to 22 inches, making them ideal for almost any drawer size. The addition of labels is a game-changer, helping you maintain a categorized system so everything has its place—from cosmetics to toiletries. Whether you’re tackling bathroom clutter or just trying to streamline your morning routine, the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers transform your chaotic drawer into a well-organized storage space that’s easy to maintain.

Best for Cosmetics

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Product Recommendation: iDesign 5 Compartment Plastic Bathroom Storage Organizer

Why It’s Great: The iDesign organizer brings clarity and a bit of chic to your bathroom vanity with its sleek, transparent design. This compact yet spacious organizer features five distinct compartments, making it perfect for sorting and storing all your essential beauty products. Its clear construction not only looks great but also makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without digging through a mess.

This organizer is specifically designed to fit into most bathroom drawers but works just as well on countertops. It’s ideal for those who have a variety of cosmetics and need to keep them organized and accessible. Whether it’s your daily makeup, skin care products, or small toiletries, everything stays in its place, making your daily prep smoother and faster. Enhance your bathroom’s functionality and style with this elegant storage solution.

Top Organizer for Daily Use Items

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Product Recommendation: BINO | 4-Piece Drawer Organizer Bin Set

Why It’s Great: This BINO organizer set is perfect for keeping all your bathroom essentials tidy and easily accessible. Made from durable, clear plastic, the set includes four bins of different sizes that help sort everything from hair ties and toothpaste to your favorite lip balms and face creams. The clear bins allow you to see everything at a glance, so no more digging around during your morning routine!

These bins are incredibly versatile. Use them in your drawers to prevent items from sliding around or on your counter to keep your essentials at hand. They’re also easy to clean—just a quick wipe down, and they look brand new. Whether you’re dealing with a cluttered drawer or just want a cleaner countertop, these BINO bins are a solid choice.

Best Deep Drawer Solution

Product Recommendation: STORi Bliss 5-Compartment Plastic Cosmetics Storage Organizer

Why It’s Great: The STORi Bliss organizer is a standout choice for those who need a bit more depth to store bulkier items without sacrificing style. With five spacious compartments, this clear, sturdy organizer makes it simple to sort and store everything from larger skincare products to hairbrushes and even small hand towels. The clear material not only looks sleek but also lets you see exactly what’s inside, reducing the time you spend searching for items in your bathroom.

Ideal for deeper drawers, this organizer can also be used as a caddy on top of your counter, providing flexible options for keeping your bathroom tidy. Its rectangular shape maximizes space efficiently, making it perfect for organizing those hard-to-fit items while keeping them within easy reach.

Best Stackable Option

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Product Recommendation: CHANCETSUI 11-Piece Stackable Drawer Organizer Set

Why It’s Great: If you’re looking to maximize every inch of your drawer space, the CHANCETSUI stackable organizer set is your go-to solution. This set includes 11 pieces in various sizes that can be stacked or arranged side by side, fitting perfectly into your drawer or on your counter. The versatility of the setup allows you to customize the layout to suit your specific storage needs, whether for makeup, jewelry, or other small items.

The trays are made from durable, easy-to-clean plastic, ensuring they hold up to daily use while keeping your items organized and visible. With this set, you can create a personalized organization system that helps keep your bathroom tidy and your items easily accessible. Whether you’re organizing a single drawer or several, these trays adapt to your needs and help utilize every possible space.

Best Budget-Friendly Organizer

Product Recommendation: Kootek 28 Pcs Drawer Organizer Set, 4-Size Bathroom Drawer Organizers Makeup Trays

Why It’s Great: If you’re looking for an affordable way to organize your bathroom drawers without compromising on quality or versatility, the Kootek 28 Pcs Drawer Organizer Set is an excellent choice. This comprehensive set includes a variety of tray sizes that can be mixed, matched, and stacked to fit any drawer dimension, making it perfect for customizing your storage to your specific needs.

The clear design not only makes it easy to see what’s inside each compartment but also adds a touch of sleek, modern style to your bathroom. Whether you’re sorting makeup, grooming tools, or skincare products, these trays make it simple to find what you need, when you need it. Plus, their durability and ease of cleaning make them a practical choice for busy bathrooms.

Best Eco-Friendly Option

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Product Recommendation: Bamboo Drawer Organizer Box Set, 5 PCS Multi-Use Individual Wood Storage Containers

Why It’s Great: For those looking to steer clear of plastic and opt for a more sustainable organizing solution, the Bamboo Drawer Organizer Box Set is the perfect choice. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, these organizers offer a durable, natural alternative that brings both functionality and warmth to any bathroom setting.

This set includes five individual boxes that can be used together or separately, depending on your needs. Their sturdy, rectangular design makes them ideal for storing a variety of items, from toiletries and makeup to towels and grooming tools. The natural bamboo also adds an elegant touch to your decor, making your bathroom look neat and stylish. Plus, bamboo is known for its resilience and ease of cleaning, ensuring these organizers will last you for years to come.

Splurge Choice

Product Recommendation: Youdepot Tempered Glass Makeup Organizer – Elegant Vanity Storage for Cosmetics

Why It’s Great: When drawer space just isn’t enough, or you prefer your most-used items within easy reach, the Youdepot Tempered Glass Makeup Organizer offers a splendid solution. This organizer isn’t just functional—it’s a statement piece, crafted from elegant tempered glass that adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom countertop.

This luxurious organizer goes beyond the basic acrylic options with its sturdy build and chic design, perfect for storing everything from daily makeup essentials and hair tools to perfumes and skincare products. Its transparent walls allow for easy visibility, while the refined glass construction ensures durability and an upscale look. If you’re willing to splurge a bit for beauty and efficiency, this organizer is the ultimate choice that combines the best of both worlds.

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