Are you starting a career as a Professional Organizer or looking for tips and strategies for organizing your own home? 

You've come to the right place! I've condensed years of experience organizing homes for a living into these courses, tip sheets, and eBooks. Quick start your next home decluttering project or launch a business to help others. 

Follow these Six Steps to Create an Organized Home

What is the secret formula Professional Organizers follow to help their clients reduce clutter and live with more calm and order? We set priorities, create a plan, sort first, and make smart decisions before buying containers.  You can follow this same system at home by following the 6 steps in my Home Organizing Roadmap. Grab yours here! 

Online Courses to Guide and Inspire

Home Organizing Basics

Step 1

Tame clutter in your home once and for all. If you have ever wanted to work with a Professional Organizer, now is your chance! In this course I'll take you through the same instruction I give my one-on-one clients, from creating priorities to planning out your space, to finding the perfect container. This self study course explains it all.

Intro to Professional Organizing

Step 1

Ever wondered what it is like to work as a Professional Organizer? Would you like to turn your passion for home organizing in to a paid service? Organizing for others takes a special skill set and level of expertise different than organizing your own home. In this course you will learn how to manage your client's projects and your operations. 

Want to work as a home organizer?

When you are researching a new venture it's hard to know what you don't know. This little eBook helps you brainstorm marketing, business development, branding, and operational considerations for your new business. Never run out of ideas on how to develop and promote your dream job. 

Free Video Tutorials

Instructional videos, behind the scenes, reviews, and more can all be found on my YouTube channel. Ask questions about downsizing, decluttering, and the business of organizing. I would love for you to subscribe and ask a question or leave a comment. 

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Online classes and virtual coaching available from anywhere. 

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