5 Pillars of Organization™

Your Space Matters consultant will address the following five topics as they help you to become more organized.

1. Define Vision & Function – Ideally how the room should look after it is organized and what feeling would it evoke (calming, rejuvenating, restful)? How would you like the space to function (working, entertaining, resting, playing, gathering with family)? Does the room serve multiple functions or one single purpose?

2. Minimize Clutter – What items clearly do not fit the vision and function of this space? What items are never used or could “live” somewhere else? Are there items already designated to give away, sell, or return?

3. Maximize Space – Identify unused space such as vertical space on walls or negative space in cabinets or on shelves. How could custom shelving, closet design, or furniture choices increase usable space?

4. Create Storage Solutions – Identify loose items that need to be contained and protected. What items could be damaged due to dust, light, and moisture because they are not stored in the proper room or container? Are items stored properly based on frequencies of use?

5. Address Safety Issues – Identify stairways and exits blocked by clutter. Plan to relocate papers and other debris that are too close to a heat source. What air quality issues are a result of too much clutter? Are excessive electrical cords creating a potential fire hazard? Has the clutter prevented routine home maintenance from being performed?