Why should I hire a professional to help me become organized?

Most people want to be organized, but may lack the skills, motivation or systems to maintain a clutter-free home or office. By working together with a professional organizing “coach,” you will learn tools and methods to stop clutter before it starts, recognize your own organizing challenges, and ultimately change the behaviors that have cost you money, time and energy over the years.


What can I expect during my first session?

Your first step with Space Matters is a brief conversation with your organizing consultant to determine what your priorities are with respect to organizing. We will ask about the spaces that need to be organized, their current use, what does and doesn’t currently work, and, most importantly, your vision for the space. This sets a strong foundation for putting your personalized organizing plan into action. Providing your organizing consultant with clippings from magazines or catalogs of organized spaces that you admire is a great way to communicate what your goals are. We want to help you fulfill your vision!


What is my role in the organizing process, and do I need to be present?

Yes. As the “owner” of your space, it is important that you play an active role in the organizing process so that you can learn how best to maintain the space in the future. It is also important that your organizing consultant receives your input and guidance when removing clutter and organizing your belongings.


Is it okay to give a professional organizer access to my personal papers and belongings?

Yes. Space Matters organizers adhere strictly to the code of ethics put forward by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). This code requires that we serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, treat them with respect and courtesy, and that we will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal.


Will I be forced to throw away things that are important to me?

No. Your organizer will work patiently, and without judgment, to help you to separate yourself from the belongings, papers and behaviors that have had a negative impact on your daily life.


Should I straighten up before my organizing sessions?

No. It is important that your organizing consultant see the space as it is currently being used. This will help them to target problem areas and create a system that will truly change and enhance the space. There is no shame in having a professional see your messy walk-in closet, guest room or office. We are here to help, not judge. Every day we help people just like you win their battle with clutter.


Do I have to purchase expensive containers and supplies?

No. We have the creativity and experience to “think outside of the box,” and will work with you to find the organizing accessories that fit within your budget. Oftentimes these containers can be found around the house: shoe boxes, milk crates, bankers boxes, and more. We also know where to locate the best deals on accessories.

Similarly, there are organizing products on the market to suit any personal design sensibility. Whether you feel most at home with traditional, retro, modern, cottage or anyplace in between – we can help you find the things you need to make your organized space both attractive and functional.


Do I have to organize my entire house at once?

No.  It may be more advantageous to break your house into several small projects. Sometimes even a relatively small project like setting up a bill-paying center can save much time and energy and give you the motivation you need to tackle larger products.


What if my home or office gets messy again?

Like beautiful landscaping, a car, or your own body, your home or office needs maintenance and attention to operate well and look good. Some clients set up recurring appointments with their organizing consultant to take care of routine tasks like correspondence, bill pay, and seasonal closet changeovers, while others require only occasional tune ups. The good news is that you will always be in better shape than before you called on Space Matters for the first time.

Our goal is to make each organized space easy to maintain. However, inevitable changes in life will challenge your space to grow and transform itself. The best organizing system is one that is simple to sustain; your personal organizer works with this goal in mind.


Is Space Matters a cleaning service?

No. Cleaning services concentrate on cleaning open spaces such as floors, counters, and furniture. They do not tackle clutter such as stacks of paper, overstuffed closets, jam-packed boxes, and piles of toys. We concentrate on organizing clutter and creating systems of organization. A cleaning service will always be more effective if all clutter is removed, and they are allowed to clean all spaces.