What goes where? Part 5: Trash

Landfills are the final option for unwanted goods. During your clean out and organizing efforts we encourage you to  donate, recycle, or free cycle as much as possible. However, in many of our relocation or garage jobs we are often left with paint, chemicals, petroleum products and other unwanted items destined for the landfill.



The landfill services and fees depend on your county or city of residence. Some landfills or “dumps” will check proof of residency upon entering the premises,  just remember to bring your ID.





Here are the websites for the refuse programs in the Metro-Richmond area –

City of Richmond 

Hanover County

Chesterfield County

Henrico County


If you are in the City of Richmond and have bulk items that will not fit in your trashcan you need to schedule a pick up with your city trash service.

Richmond Bulk and Brush Refuse Collection
(804) 646-7000
There is a $50 service fee for the removal of appliances, if it’s still in working order, check out these charities before you pitch it.

If you have many large items that need to be discarded it’s best to call a hauling service to take it to the dump.

Look out for our next post in the “What Goes Where” series, where we will discuss Richmond’s recycling opportunities.

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