What goes where? Part 1: Drop-off Donations

When it comes to letting go of unwanted items, sometimes the hardest part is determining where they should go. After many years of helping people clear out, Space Matters has compiled a list of resources in the RVA to take unwanted items and divided into a series of 7 posts. This installment:

Drop-off Donations

Dropping off donations is the best way to get rid of everyday household items (check out our previous post on setting up systems in your house to make the collection process even easier). It’s chartable, (usually) convenient, and not to mention tax deductible, so be sure to ask for a receipt .

Pro Tip: Next time you donate, take a picture of the compiled items, so you can reference it while itemizing your receipt. This will save you time and the headache of trying to remember everything you gave away. You’ll be surprised what your forgot.

Here are a few of the more popular charity thrift stores in Richmond and the populations they support.

Goodwill – locations throughout Metro-Richmond. Drive thru-drop off at some stores. Supports job training.

Note: some Goodwill locations recycle old clothing scraps into industrial wipes (cleaning cloths) for industrial buyers. Other items that are too damaged for retail sales are sold to salvage brokers. So go ahead and donate your damaged clothes rather than throwing them away! 

Family Thrift Center – Located in Midlothian. Pick up available. Supports AMVETS.

Salvation Army –  6 locations in Richmond. Pick up service available. Provides disaster relief and rehabilitation services.

Diversity Thrift – 1 location. Pick up service available. Supports LGBT community.

CHKD –  3 locations in Richmond. Pick up service available. Provides healthcare to children.

A Golden Opportunity – 1 location. Supports St. Mary’s hospital.

Thrift for Life  – 1 location. Benefits Massey Cancer Center.

Clothes Rack –  2 locations. Proceeds support Junior League of Richmond.

New Life for Youth Thrift – 1 location. Provides transition services for children and adults.

Most of these charities do NOT accept the following items:

  • Large household appliances.
  • Large items that do not work.
  • Building materials.
  • Mattresses and box springs.
  • Upholstered couches and chairs which are torn, soiled or otherwise damaged.
  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions
  • Automobile parts.
  • Paint and chemicals of any kind.
  • Kerosene and gas heaters and appliances.
  • Weapons, guns, ammunition, and related items.
  • CPSC frequently recalled items.

These items will be discussed later on in the series.

Note: If you have large donations that these charities DO accept, but won’t exactly fit in your car many of these charities will pick up right from your home. Check their website for details.

Where do you take your unwanted items? Leave us a comment below.

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