Modern homes are blessed with walk-in closets, two car garages and finished attics larger than most apartments, but for all the charm and character of older homes, there is the inconvenience of a lack of closet and general storage space. So how can you keep your home organized?

Take advantage of the ample wall space and tall ceilings of older homes.


  • Hang photos and memorabilia instead of storing them in boxes.
  • Suspend display shelves to highlight collectables.
  • Keep gadgets handy in kitchens and utility areas by using pegboards.
  • Hang cork tiles or magnetic boards on the walls in your workspace to keep papers off your desk.
There are several ways to “find” unused space in your closets.
  • Hang a second rod below the existing one in your closet, this will double the hanging space for shirts and folded pants.
  • Add additional shelves in the top of your closet to store seasonal or rarely worn items. On the back of the closet doors.
  • Hang multi-pocket organizers that are typically used for shoes but can also store gloves, belts, and even small toys.
  • Install hooks across the back or front of doors to suspend purses, belts, and bathrobes.
Choose furniture that is multifunctional.Storage-Bench
  • Use window seats or benches that lift up to reveal hidden storage space inside.
  • Coffee and end tables should have shelves or cabinets below the main surface to store books and magazines.
  • Trunks and cedar chests can store out of season clothing or linens.

Remember that the easiest way to organize is to remove items from your home that you no longer use, so purge often and donate items to local charities. Happy organizing!