The Best Tool for Organizing

Getting organized is all about having less clutter. If something in your house is weighing you down and you think you’ll never be organized, I’ve got good news for you! Being organized is as simple as having less stuff. Take your desk for example. If you have a hundred pens you’ll need lots of pen cups and drawer dividers just to keep them straight, but having just a few pens are easy to organize into one container.

So what is the best tool for organizing? A simple paper grocery bag. Next time you open a drawer, closet, or cabinet bursting with clutter, grab a few things and put them in the bag. Once a week drop the bags off at Goodwill. Anytime you feel frustrated thinking that you’ll never be organized, walk through your house and fill up a bag. Repeat as often as necessary until you can see all the surfaces in your home (including the floor!).

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