Your Space Matters organizer will set up a time for some hands on organizing in a specific area. Kitchens, closets, kids rooms and living spaces are some of the many spaces in your home that we can help you de-clutter.

Space Matters is unique because we create custom solutions that work with your style and budget.  We can repurpose organizing products that you already own or assist in sourcing local and online products that fit your newly organized space.

In 2007 Katherine Lawrence presented “Team Organizing” at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  Her team organizing methods became the blueprint for how organizing companies around the country approach large complex projects from garages and storage units to whole house cleanouts. In cases of extreme hoarding, presorting and cleaning may be first performed by Steri-Clean.

Our Clean Slate program features a full-day turnaround organizing session. Typically, three organizing consultants are assigned to help rearrange and declutter. We manage the process from start to finish. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a day can make!

Clean Slate services include:

  • Securing a hauling service
  • Choosing a location for your donated goods
  • Creating an organizing system for the space
  • Finding professional cleaning

With 13 years of experience we specialize in the following: