The Konmari method of organizing was created by Marie Kondo , a professional organizer in Japan. The concept is simple. Imagine holding every possession you own in your hand and asking ,“Does this spark joy”?

Konmari Drawer Before text WMKonmari Drawer After text WM So how is that different than the Space Matters organizing method and which is best for you? At Space Matters we often organize by proxy. This is out of necessity as our clients want or need to organize rooms in a few hours or whole houses in a few days. So the client does not handle each item separately and may be asked to view groups of items and make a quick decision. We have had success with this method. The spaces look organized when we finish but sometimes without maintenance by the professional organizer, the spaces slowly disassemble themselves.

So when Marie Kondo said in her bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” that her clients have 100% success without relapse, I was skeptical. I had to test her method myself. Like the Space Matters method, Konmari starts with gathering and sorting like items, deciding what to discard, and finishes up with putting things back in an organized manner. The difference with Konmari is the questions asked during the session and the hands on involvement of the client. Your Space Matters organizer will ask “how often do you use this?” and “when did you use this last?”. Whereas Konmari simply ask “does this spark joy?”, that’s it, one yes or no. An outfit you wore yesterday that fits could be a “no” using Konmari but a “yes” using Space Matters organizing methods. And I have to say after using Konmari, spaces have not creeped back into a state of disarray.

So which method is right for you? If you are on a tight deadline (need to sell your house, are moving, or settling an estate) we recommend the Space Matters organizing method. It is quick and efficient. Or if you are ready for a life changing experience and want your space to be completely transformed by this time next year, we highly recommend Konmari and are thrilled to assist you through the process.

Just ask to “Konmari me” when booking your appointment