Great Organizers are not Born, they are Taught

You do not have to struggle with clutter, you can be Organized for Life


Imagine you, only organized.

You walk out the door in the morning without having to look for any of the essentials - keys, shoes, work papers. At night you cook a great meal because you know where every kitchen gadget is and have ample counter space. You sit down at a dining table free from clutter.  Later, you enjoy a great nights rest with no distractions in sight in a room without trip hazards, piles of clothes, papers, or boxes.

The Organized for Life system gives you:

  • A starting point

    Know how to attack cluttered spaces with confidence, and not feel confused or overwhelmed

  • A blue print

    Create space in your home for activities that support your best life

  • A plan

    Waste less money buying organizing products that just become part of the clutter

Here's what you'll get in the Organized for Life program guides

  • What Matters Most - Our homes fill with clutter because we are not clear on what is important and the tools we need to support our best selves. This worksheet ask the deeper question of what you want from your home life so you can create a space that supports your important activities. $10 value
  • Where to Start - Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by clutter you can't even get started. You don't complete projects, you complete tasks. Here you learn the process of turning wishful thinking in to actionable tasks. $15 dollar value
  • How to Organize - Learn the method practiced by professional organizers to declutter and organize areas in your home big and small. Follow this 3-step process and you will never fear a big clear-out again. $15 dollar value
  • Space Planning - Following a space plan reduces the stress you get from losing items in your home. You will have fewer places to stash things when you group like items together and designate one place for them to live. $10 dollar value

All this for 50.00  29.99, half the price of one hour with a professional organizer or life coach.

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