Sometimes organizing just comes down to maximizing your space. If you have worked with Space Matters in the past or taken one of my classes, you know the first step is to declutter. In this post I’m assuming you have pared down to the possessions you love and use and are now just trying to get everything to fit in the closet.

First, you want to first divide everything into size. In the biz we call this “long-hang” (dresses, pants if not folded) and “short-hang” (shirts, pants if folded, skirts). Shoes and handbags too have distinct height too, boots are tall and flats are short; wallets are short and totes are tall. Next, increase your closet hanging and shelving space by installing a new adjustable wall hanging system like Rubbermaid’s adjustable and expandable closet kit.

If want a quick fix to maximize your closet space without using any tools, hang a rod doubler onto the existing rod. This is perfect for kid’s clothing.

Have you ever wondered if you should keep your shoes in the store box or keep them loose? Here is what I do. If the box is a standard size and has a picture or good description of the shoe, I keep the box. These boxes will stack nicely together on a shelf and you can rotate your shoes seasonally for convenience (leave summer/winter shoes out in a mudroom or entrance way during the season and pack them back in their boxes in the off season). However if you want a crisp uniformed look, clear shoes boxes are the way to go.

Here is a tip that is often overlooked but makes a huge visual impression in your closet. Buy matching hangers! Did you know that the type of hanger you use is a factor in the number of items you can hang on the closet rod? The scale goes from thickest hanger (wood and thick plastic) to thinnest (wire and velvet). For a streamlined look use matching hangers and choose the right thickness for the volume you are storing. I like clear acrylic like most department store use, they are sturdy and my closet is not so full that I need the thinnest hanger choice.


I know some of you store photo’s and keepsakes in your closets, I do too!  The uppermost shelf in your closet (you know the one you can’t reach) is a good place to keep photo boxes which can store 1000+ photos. Sometimes I can stack them 2 high and 4 or 8 across to make room for over 10,000 photos.

Here is our maximized closet! Happy Organizing!!