With neighbor kids running in and out and friends and family visiting, summer is a crazy time in the home. What comes with this are endless beach towels, pool toys and flip flops. House guests are one reason to establish an organization method in your home. Use your garage space as an asset instead of a nuisance and cluttered mess. Utilize your garage and get inspired by the following summer activity storage solution ideas.

Hooks: A wet towel left on the floor is no good. Provide hooks for your kids and guests to hang towels. That way wet towels won’t make a mess in your home and are dry and ready to go for the next use or washing.


Hanging Bags: Not only are hanging bags good for sports balls, but they are also great for pool noodles and toys. If pool noodles are left outside or in the  sun they dry up and crack, so keeping the pool noodles in hanging bags in the garage is the perfect solution.


Cabinets and Flooring: In the summer the garage door is open way more than the rest of the year. Neighbors and visitors can see into garage so now is the time to make it look clean and put together. Garage cabinets are a great storage solution, keeping your items out of sight. Consider a garage flooring alternative like an epoxy floor coating which integrates the style and feeling of the rest of your home in your garage space. It gives a finished look to your old, cracked concrete garage floor.

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Bike Racks: Bikes are bulky and awkward to store. A wall mounted bike rack is a simple storage solution for the family bikes. They are easy to access while being out of the way.


Basket: Wire baskets are perfect for items that you need to grab on the go. In the summer, storing smaller items like sunscreen, goggles and pool toys all in one, organized space makes it easier to get out the door and to the pool.


Board Racks: Some homeowners have canoes, kayaks and surf, paddle, wake and skateboards in the garage. Hang these boards with a storage rack so they are out of the way and easy to load onto the car.


Prepare for summer guests and activities by organizing your garage. Organize now so you have time to enjoy the season.

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BIO: Kenady works for Monkey Bar Storage, a garage storage and organization company that provides homeowners with efficient products to organize and simplify their lives. Kenady is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho in Public Relations and Visual Communications. When she’s not working, she enjoys outdoor activities, taking pictures, trying new recipes and giving old things a new purpose.