3 Easy Steps to Declutter Anything

Moving? Throwing a party? Need to renovate? Just sick and tired of looking at all that clutter?
Here are my go-to strategies for decluttering any space –

Step ONE – Gather and sort like items. If you are clearing out your closet, put together pants, shirts, handbags,etc. If you are in the garage, put all gardening supplies together or sports equipment, or car maintenance tools. Break things down into little categories based on how much time you can spare. If you want to organize your kitchen in 30 minutes a day, then one day pull out all the mugs, the next day sort through glasses.

Step TWO – Decide from that category what you love, what is useful, and what is practical. Let’s say you have 25 wine glasses and you and your spouse have a daily glass of wine. Pick your favorite 2. Sometimes you have dinner parties with 6 guests, add another 4 to your keep pile. You LOVE the 4 glasses that you picked up while traveling to your favorite vineyard. Add those 4 to the keep pile. 10 glasses fit nicely on one shelf in your cabinet. Keeping 10 glasses checks the requirements of what you love, what you use, and what is practical. Good Job!

Step THREE – Put Away items in a permanent home that makes sense. Most of us “get this” with socks (dresser drawer), forks (kitchen drawer), coats (closet), etc. So let’s apply this logic to everything else and create a “home” for all the things you own. Use labels in drawers and bins as reminders for other family members. Challenge yourself to keep minimizing until everything fits without stacking, shoving, and stuffing.

Bonus – Here’s a secret – minimalist don’t have to organize! If you are struggling with any of these steps I give you permission to just chuck stuff. The fewer things you have the less you have to organize! It is very difficult to “organize” things that you don’t really like, never use, and do not fit into your living space. So keep donate, recycle, and trash bags handy and fill them up with enthusiasm. Congratulations, you just eliminate one more thing you will never have to organize!!!

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